Thailand Management Association

About TMA Center for Competitiveness

          TMA Center for Competitiveness was established to be a center that collaborates between the private and public sectors to enhance Thailand’s Competitiveness. The Center has played an important role in promoting and disseminating knowledge on national competitiveness enhancement, building networks, and brainstorming on planning and strategies for national competitiveness enhancement.
          TMA has worked to raise awareness and create understanding national competitiveness enhancement since 1997 when the organization first became a partner institute of Switzerland-based International Institute for Management Development (IMD) to conduct survey on the country's competitiveness. TMA, by Center in collaboration with Office of the National Economics and Social Development Board, has also initiated ‘Thailand Competitiveness Enhancement Program’ since 2009 to promote linkage between the private and public sector in strategic planning and proposal, and in mobilizing national competitiveness enhancement.
          With the government having recently set national competitiveness development as a national agenda, and also establishing National Competitiveness Committee (NCC) to lay out strategies and monitor implementations on national competitiveness development, TMA Center for Competitiveness has taken part in the government’s endeavor. President of TMA Center for Competitiveness has been appointed as NCC advisory committee member and chair of a sub-committee on public relations and information management under NCC.

  • To connect between the private sector and the public sector for national competitiveness enhancement
  • To be a center for exchanging and sharing knowledge in national competitiveness enhancement
  • To develop knowledge and framework for competitiveness enhancement, both at organizational and national levels