Consulting  Service
Thailand Management Association
Consulting Service
          TMA has offered consultancy services since 1998 through invitations of experts and specialists in wide-ranging areas to provide advices to organizations that need improvement and systematic reinforcement. The services include target and strategic planning, factor analysis, determination of core competencies, human resources development and management, and improvement of operational efficiency. These are fundamental factors for organization development in order for the organizations to be prepared against fierce competitions, and to promote strong and stable growth.
          The principle of organization development is to comprehensively transform the organization, starting with developing clear vision, strategies, and targets through team working. Organizational restructuring, and process improvement will also be undertaken in parallel to ensure highest efficiency.


          Organization development consists of 3 key elements as follows:
  • People
  • Process
  • Technology,


while factors contributing to success are Leadership, Participation and Communication.

Methods and procedures for organization development that TMA adopts are developed by TMA’s consulting team taking into account structure and working system of Thai organizations.

TMA offers the following consulting services;
  • Strategic Planning
  • Competency Based Development
  • Compensation Management
  • Productivity and Quality Improvement
  • Human Resources Management
  • Organization Development
  • Marketing
  • Research