Management  Groups
Thailand Management Association
Management Groups
TMA has established the management groups in different professional areas as platforms for members to exchange experiences and knowledge. These groups are encouraged to take part in the operations to ensure relevancy and to be in response with business competitiveness enhancement. Timeline of the establishment of 6 TMA Management Groups are as follows:


Establishment of People Development Group
( PDG - People Development Group )
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Establishment of Corporate Performance Management Group
( CPMG - Corporate Performance Management Group )
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Establishment of Establishment of Marketing Management Group
( MMG - Marketing Management Group )
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Establishment of Operational Excellence Management Group
( OEMG - Operational Excellence Management Group )
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Establishment of Digital Technology Management Group
( DTMG - Digital Technology Management Group )
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Establishment of Technology Innovation Management Group
( TIMG - Technology Innovation Management Group )
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Key objectives in the means of Management Groups

  1. Knowledge Sharing: To share knowledge through various forms of appropriate management projects, such as seminars, forums, and domestic and overseas filed trips.
  2. Special Projects: To promote and recognize distinguished works of individuals in different business areas, and to invite them to share management perspectives and experiences in order to promote competitiveness at a personal, organizational, and national levels through such special activities as TMA Top Talk, A night out of CEO, etc.
  3. Networking activities: To build a network of new-generation of business executives and entrepreneurs who possess mutual interests in order to enhance business management efficiency.