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Thailand Corporate Excellence Awards 2019: Human Resource Management Excellence

Thailand Corporate Excellence Awards 2019: Human Resource Management Excellence

24 พฤศจิกายน 2563 14:48 น.
Thailand Corporate Excellence Awards 2019: Human Resource Management Excellence
Human Resource Management Excellence: SCG

Digitalization presents a new form of connectivity that changes the role of human resource management (HRM), for example, the uses of data analytics can help plan for new recruitment that aligns with the company’s needs, determines training programs that are essential, and specifies professional profiles that the company must develop to expand its business. For HR professionals, social networks can be used as a channel to communicate and identify new talents, share knowledge and information, and expand a professional network, among others. Furthermore, digital devices and cloud solutions allow diverse groups of workers, who are not physically in the same place, to collaborate on self-managed assignments and allow HR professionals to recruit new talents and offer e-learning services. These are just some examples of how modern technological innovation can transform the HRM practices. The Human Resource Management Excellence award goes to The Siam Cement Public Company Limited (SCG) that has exhibited the following strategy and practices to achieve excellence in HRM.
HRM Strategy

 SCG’s employees are the most valuable assets as stated in the HRM policy, “Belief in the Value of the Individual.” The company aligns its HRM strategy with the business strategies to maintain competitive capacity. For example, SCG works with partners to automate and digitalize HR processes to reduce repetitive work, thus achieving cost saving and improving on stakeholders’ experience. For HR capacity enhancement, SCG equips its employees with relevant emerging skills – making them ready for new business opportunities. The company focuses on upskilling its employees to work with the new technology and reskilling those affected by the technological disruption. To enlarge its HR candidate pool to support business growth, the company emphasizes alternative strategic workforce to correspond with demographic changes. HR activities implemented include career roadshows aboard to alternative destinations, career showcase for mid-career & Taste the Passion Project for 4th year students, and Excellent Internship Program for 3rd year students, among others. For existing staff, the company allows for flexible work hours or locations, re-employment program to support an aging society, and benefit options (e.g., ESOP) to match a new demand of emerging workforce. benefits management which are disclosed in the company’s HR Management Disciplines and HR Regulations and Guidelines. Long-Term Employee Care – SCG establishes provident funds to deposit monthly contributions to provide a long-term employee care. Learning Council – SCG sets forth its learning policy and programs to ensure standardization at all locations. The company is committed to invest in creating the best learning experience for all employees and develop highly competent workforce to sustain its competitive advantages and growth.

Welfare and Benefits

 SCG provides appropriate and fair benefits to each group of employees that suit changing socio-economic circumstances. The benefits also extend to the employees’ family members throughout their career at the company. They are, for example, allowances, travel expenses, accommodations,medical and dental expenses, annual checkups, sports and fitness centers, accident insurance, and loans, among others. In addition, upon retirement, the company also provides reimbursements for medical expenses (with prescribed conditions), helps employees to prepare for their retirement, and establishes employee clubs.

Sustainable Development in HR

SCG adheres to ethical practices, societal and stakeholder responsibility in accordance with the corporate governance principles and code of conduct. HR practices to attain sustainability are discussed as followed. Labor and Human Rights – SCG abides by the laws and regulations of each country and complies with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations Global Compact, and International Labor Organization Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, among others. Employee Benefits Management – SCG has clear practical policy guidelines on employee by human supplies. A redesign of SCG’s workplace and a digitalization deployment will facilitate employee development and growth to prepare for the volatile business environment in the 2020s.

HR Digitization

The workplace at SCG has been redesigned to encourage collaboration, with open space and digital facilities to facilitate people-to-people engagement and development. The company uses robotic process automation (RPA) in HR operations to optimize repetitive works such as standard reporting and transaction recording. For recruitment, the company utilizes online applications and assessment tools as well as online progress tracking. For talent management and succession planning, the company utilizes e-platform to identify capability fit and monitor key successor’s readiness. In addition, SCG uses a data driven tool (e.g., HR dashboard) to support HR decision makings and data analytics to evaluate causes of business results affected.

Significant Others

HRM practices in one nominated company include a program to prepare current workforce for future business model, an employee reskill/ upskill program that helps to define, match, assess, and develop capabilities of targeted employees, an individual development plan to ensure continuous development at any career levels, a succession plan for management and leaders to ensure capable leadership pool and promote leadership development, and a development plan for new generation of employees to create a pool of young talents. Furthermore, digitalization plays a crucial role in 2019 HRM practices. The rest of the nominees in this category either employ data analytic in HRM (e.g., a recruitment application), install a HR Chatbot, offer training courses (e.g., data analytics and digital platform and robotics), or integrate all HR activities into one single portal for all learning and development purpose. The internal HR processes at these companies have been streamlined using the information system to analyze, manage and monitor their workforces. The applications and clouds have also been utilized to digitalize their HRM activities.
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