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Thu, Nov 17



Global Foodture workshop

Global Foodture workshop
Global Foodture workshop

Time & Location

Nov 17, 2022, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM



About the event

# Agriculture #

17 November 2022  ;  3.00 - 5.00 PM (Thailand time ) 


Use of robots, drones, and satellites in agriculture . 

Today's agriculture has transformed into a high-tech enterprise that most 20th-century farmers might barely recognize. Self-driving machinery and flying robots able to automatically survey and treat crops will become common place on farms that practice what's come to be called precision agriculture. The ultimate purpose of all this high-tech gadgetry is optimization, from both an economic and an environmental standpoint. This thematic workshop will point out and showcase different solutions that are on the market, ready to be used by farmers worldwide.


- Smart use of robots and drones

- Satellite data in support of cultivation

Programme  ;  3.00 - 5.00 PM (Thailand time) 

3.00   : Welcome and Introduction by Susanne Baden Jorgensen, Senior International  Manager, Food & Bio Cluster Denmark

3.05 :  " Experiences with the collection and use of data for precision agriculture from the project SQM-Farm" by Henrik Skov Midiby, Associated Professor, Maersk-Mc-Kinney Moller Institute, University of Southern Denmark

3.25 : "Precision weed control using HectoDrone" by Andreas Siggaard, CEO,Hecto Drone ApS

3.35 :  Presentation by Asian technology company (TBC)

3.45 :  "FarmDroid - the world's first fully automatic robot for both sowing and weeding control" by Eddie Bolding Pedersen, Head of Sales & Marketing, FarmDroid ApS

3.45 ;  End of Master Class 1 and start of Master Class 2

3.55 : Introduction to masterclass 2 by Tomaz Zadravec, Project Manager, ITC

"Satellite data in Agriculture" by Panagiotis llias, Senior IT Business Analyst, ILVO

4.20 : "Helping agricultural corporates/sectors to produce higher crop yields using satellite technologies in FarmAl", by Manika Sachdev, Operations Project

Manager, Listenfield

4.30 : "Precision farming made easy and affordable with help of Dynacrop" by Ervin Csoke, Business Development Manager, World from Space

4.40 : "Detecting unexploited planting sites eligible to host new vineyards" by Alessandro Saetta, CEO, Terroir from Space

4.50 : Q & A - Wrap & Closing by Susanne Baden Jorgensen, Senior International Manager, Food & Bio Cluster Denmark

4.50 : End of Master Class 2

5.00 : End of Thematic Workshop

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