Marketing Excellence Award: AIS
Marketing Excellence Award: AIS
Marketing Excellence Award: AIS

Marketing strategies must address on the changing consumer behavior. That is, what customers think, perceive, feel, value, say, and act upon. Businesses must catch up with the digital advancement and how consumers turn online to access products and services. Due to COVID-19, social distancing becomes and may remain the norm. Businesses must establish a digital platform that is efficient and secured for customers to be confident in the use of e-commerce and mobile applications.

One unprecedented challenge in online marketing due to the pandemic is brand loyalty. During the lockdown, online shopping is the only choice where consumers can research on and compare brands at their fingertips. Trying out new brands has never been easier. Consumers tend to switch and stick to brands they value and trust. Thus, businesses must hold their brands to the highest standards. They must communicate a strong sense of their brands’ purposes to the customers.

Thailand Corporate Excellence Survey is proud to present a short-listed of companies that exhibit robust marketing tactics that stand out and hold their brands to the highest standards. The Marketing Excellence Award in 2020 goes to Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (AIS) for its excellence in a digital media platform suitable for marketing in the new normal.

AIS implements a business philosophy that all stakeholders must be beneficiaries to achieve sustainability. The company aims to become a strong brand in the industry.

Brand Love

AIS positions itself as “the digital life service provider” and is the number one telecommunications company in Thailand with the most subscribers. AIS was the first operator to launch 5G service in Thailand. With extensive collaboration, business alliances are developed for strategic business expansion and growth. AIS operates its business using a consumer centric strategy in developing product/service and in building engagement with a brand concept “the best network for all generations.”

During COVID-19, AIS was the first brand in Thailand that creates social distancing logo and initiates online contents portraying consumer behavior and insight to engage with consumers during the lockdown. As a result, AIS wins the “Best Brand Performance on Social Media Telecommunication” from Thailand Social Awards in 2020.

Technology and Innovation

AIS aims to be the best network for Thais and continuously develops the digital technology. AIS takes virtual reality (VR) technology to the new normal level that is easily accessible anywhere at any time. With its 5G network, AIS launches the first virtual online platform in Thailand to support local enterprises, allowing for a new shopping experience. The AIS 5G virtual showcase offers various lifestyles and activities like entertainment, travel, wellness, business, and education. The company also invests in the AIS Next Reality Studio to enhance the production of the augmented reality (AR) and VR contents. AIS now offers VR and AR contents that are created and co-created by AIS and its strategic partners. The company’s customers can access these contents through AIS platforms and AIS VR 4K headset.

During COVID-19, the company makes the best use of 5G technology (i.e., real-time data and high accuracy) through the development of robots, telemedicine, CT scans, and mobile stroke. For example, AIS develops robots in a “Robot for Care” project and distributes them to hospitals to assist healthcare workers in measuring temperature and having VDO calls with patients while observing social distancing. The company also joins with Siriraj Hospital and Mahidol University by bringing 5G to enhance operational efficiency of “Siriraj mobile stroke unit” for critical stroke patients. 

The company has 5G Robots with different characteristic to serve consumers for a superior lifestyle in the new normal era. All robots have technology to ensure safety and provide excellent health measures.

Sustainable Development/Social

Responsibilities AIS aims to create a sustainable society. The company initiates the Aunjai Cyber and e-Waste Thailand projects. Aunjai Cyber promotes cyber wellness for all by, for example, disseminating the digital intelligence quotient (DQ) program for all Thai students. The e-Waste Thailand project aims to educate how to handle the collection of hazardous e-waste and how to eliminate e-waste in a sustainable manner.

The company organizes the Good Kids, Great Hearts project to support the education for young generation in needs. The project provides financial support and advice that youngsters need in each step of their growth. Recently, AIS and Thammasat University announced a collaboration for a sustainable society by creating the “SDG Lab by Thammasat and AIS.”

Business Performance

As of December 2019, AIS was an industry leader with 46% market share of revenue and serves 41 million subscribers nationwide, resulting in an annual revenue growth rate of 8.0% from both mobile and fixed broadband. AIS is the first operator in Thailand to launch 5G infrastructure covering all 77 provinces and is a leader for the 5G network delivering the most comprehensive and best coverage in Thailand.

Awards and Recognition

AIS wins the World’s Strongest Telecoms Brand for two consecutive years in 2019 and 2020. This Brand Finance’s award measures brand strength based on four factors: marketing investment, business results, revenue and stakeholder equity.

To standout in a world that media is everywhere, AIS engages consumers through a campaign that wins the YouTube ads leader board. “Aunjai With You” gains more than 56 million views and becomes Thai’s favorite ads in 2019 on YouTube. Significant other awards are the Superbrands 2020, Forbes 2019 Global World ’ s Best Employers 2000, Thailand Zocial Awards 2020, and Fastest Network by Ookla, to name a few.

Significant Others

One nominated company positions itself as a “center of life” and aims to be the most admired business for all stakeholders and market leader in the region. The company exhibits steady business performance and aspires to achieve sustainable growth. the ompany earns international recognition for its sustainability practices and is included in the DJSI World (2018-2019) and DJSI Emerging Market (2014-2019).

Other nominated companies in this Marketing Excellence category exhibit their brands that are known nationally and internationally. They are committed to delivering products and services that are environmental-friendly. They utilize technologies at degrees to create customer awareness. For example, one nominated company innovates to bring the best technologies to the market to ensure high quality products. They also exhibit a high level of social responsibilities with numerous social activities and supports.