Product/Service Excellence Award: BDMS
Product/Service Excellence Award: BDMS
Product/Service Excellence Award: BDMS

COVID-19 has been the driving force for businesses to improve their product designs and services to match with the new normal behavior. One remarkable observation coming out of the pandemic is the awareness on health and wellness. Hygienic concern is a new norm and health and wellness must be maintained at both individual and community levels. Businesses are seizing this opportunity to launch new products and services that meet the hygienic needs.

To enhance healthy living, healthcare is an example of a disruptive trend. For example, COVID-19 permits various medical providers and patients to experiment with telemedicine out of necessity. Technology and medical sciences play an important role in developing effective treatment, including vaccine, and in improving healthy living. Businesses that address health concerns and uses of technology at the same time will enter into a new way of business operations.

The Thailand Corporate Excellence Awards in 2020 recognizes the digital behavior and health consciousness as the basis for a new normal of life and thus awards Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited (BDMS) the Product/Service Excellence. BDMS is Thailand largest network of medical service operators and a leading healthcare solutions provider. The company is committed to being a leading medical hub and currently owns and manages six major hospital groups with 49 network hospitals in Thailand and Cambodia. BDMS aspires to offer excellent medical services with the highest quality standards using state-of-the-art technology and innovative strategy.

At a national level, Thailand is renowned for its hotel and hospitality industry. Medical and wellness tourism is regarded as a business opportunity for sustainable recovery. Thai tourism industry may benefit from holistic medical treatment and rehabilitation and as such BDMS and its affiliates can certainly be one of the contributors to the economic recovery in Thailand.

Selected Products and/or Services

As COVID-19 emerges, BDMS initiates the Telecare service digital platform (Healthcare Anywhere, Anytime) with innovative tools and technology. This innovative system is a direct-to-consumer (or on-demand) telemedicine that is both patient-centered and conducive to social distancing, thus allowing physicians and patients to communicate 24/7 using smartphones or webcam-enabled computers. The company utilizes the My B+ application for Bangkok Hospital and a virtual hospital for Samitivej Hospital to offer real-time consultation with doctors as well as having home visits to take blood samples and deliver medication.

BDMS also introduces supplementary technological platforms to facilitate Telecare service. Tytocare is a preliminary portable medical examination designed for personal use at home to virtually connect with medical doctors at the hospital and for inpatients who need to be quarantined. Others are the Pharmasafe telehealth application and QQ application – a medical tracking application for delivering medicine to the doorstep. The Telecare service helps facilitate public health mitigation and reduces the tension on a hospital system due to a surge in patient demand.

Technology and Innovation

BDMS is on a journey to transform itself into a virtual smart hospital. First, it collaborates with the government to implement COVID-19 innovation with Thai startups, resulting in the Pharmasafe telehealth application and QQ App medicine an in-house research and development (R&D) program to create alternative medical equipment such as a 3D-printed frame fitted over a surgical mask. Thirdly, the company engages Plug and Play Center APAC, a well-known open innovation platform, to match international startups and search for potential innovation. Lastly, BDMS appoints the Startup Working Committee to seek new business opportunities from startups, especially on new technologies that facilitate a virtual healthcare service. For example, an artificial intelligent platform can enhance diagnosticcapability and improve excellent operation and service qualities. The company also encourages its staff to create new projects that would offer more value and customer experience in the COVID-19 innovation challenge.

Operation Excellence

As medical personnel around the world are braving COVID-19, the Board of Directors at BDMS immediately appoints an emergency team to assist the network hospitals in response to the pandemic and to prepare for the recovery. The company revises its operating manuals to accommodate routine care of regular visits and a lifesaving care of emergency needs. Changes in the hospital operations include the design and construction of facilities, training of healthcare workers, and sourcing and inventory management of critical care equipment as well as personal protective equipment, among others. BDMS collaborates closely with the Thai Ministry of Public Health to expand scientific knowledge on the situation and solutions, track the virulence and proliferation, and advise the network hospitals on preventive measures.

Product and/or Service Quality

BDMS is committed to attaining excellence in medical services through the achievement of national and international requirements of quality standards in healthcare accreditation. BDMS aims to provide value-added innovation and consistently improve health and medical cares to sustain and to further enhance clinical outcomes, patient safety, and patient satisfaction. The company emphasizes its credibility and disclosure and transparency practices to heighten the hospital’s performance, services and patient safety.

BDMS ensures its service excellence by implementing performance improvement (PI) and objective and key results (OKR) methods. The company uses the PI approach to guide overall organization excellence which includes criteria such as customer care efficiency, waste elimination, variation reduction, and safety precaution. The OKR methodology helps communicate corporate strategies to employees in an actionable and measurable way to give emphasis on work outcomes.

The company assesses and mitigates financial, business, clinical, and compliance risks using appropriate risk management tools and processes. Its enterprise risk management system includes risk identification and assessment, organizational risk management, external and internal audits, and internal control system.

Customer Experience

BDMS treats everyone with compassion and empathy and offers a valuable “service with Thai hospitality.” During COVID-19, the company’s Bangkok Hospital and Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok are the first to offer alternative state quarantine (ASQ) programs at travels’ own expenses. Mövenpick BDMS becomes a leader in ASQ hospitality with packages com bining the quarantine stay and amenities with medical monitoring and on-demand services by Bangkok Hospital. The resort now increases its room allocation for quarantine stays from 50 to 250 rooms and suites. In addition, the company expands its hospital-hotel management services to accommodate medical tourism through its 15 hospitals.

Awards and Recognition

BDMS receives numerous awards and accreditations from both public and private organizations. Recently, BDMS is ranked as the world’s best hospital in Thailand 2020 based on recommendations from medical professionals, results from patient surveys and key medical performance indicators.

Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok is the first Mövenpick hotel in Thailand to be awarded the ALLSAFE label by ACCOR. It is approved by Bureau Veritas, a world leader in hygiene inspections, and is awarded the Amezing Thailand Safety and Health Administration (SHA) certificate from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) as well as Clean Together certification from the Department of Health, under Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health.

Significant Others

All other nominated companies have outstanding advancement in new products and services ranging from agricultural-based and chemical-based products to financial solutions. They all have entered into new areas of growth through technological capabilities enhancement. For customer experience, these companies pledge on customer-centric and proactive approach to ensure satisfactory and intend to offer sustainable solutions to their customers. For technology and innovation, the practices vary across nominated companies depending on their investment in R&D. For example, one nominated company applies the innovation and green technology throughout its integrated value chain that aligns with the circular economy and energy efficiency to make products. The company uses relevant